How To Make An Americano Coffee

Americano – it’s like an espresso for those who don’t like short, hard-hitting coffee. The creation of this beverage allegedly happened during WW2, when the American soldiers who were stationed in Italy found the Italian coffee to be a bit too strong.

Nowadays, with all the modern gear available (did you discover single-serve brewers yet?), preparing coffee, including Americano has never been easier.The following article contains instructions on how to prepare this drink as well other useful information about it. Sounds good? Read on!

How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Latte

The Turks have the proverb that says “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love,” but not all of us enjoy that harsh wake-up kick of a cup of black coffee. Sometimes it is enough to have one cup of black coffee and move on to something milder. In that case, you can always go for a nice milky cup of latte.

This type of coffee consists of espresso, milk, and foam, and it is very similar to cappuccino. While there is no doubt that espresso can be made with every type of coffee bean, not every type of bean results in the same flavor and texture. But how can you know which coffee bean will make your cup of latte as delicious as it can be?

Stick, around, and in this article, I’ll give you the answer to this question and even more useful information.

Bonus: Learn To Find The Best Latte Machine With Paula

The Difference Between Latte And Cafe Au Lait

There are many different types of coffee in cafes these days, and some people might think that a lot of them are just fancy ways to say the same thing and charge it differently. In the case of caffé latte and café au lait, it seems to literally be the case. Both just mean “coffee with milk,” only in different languages – Italian and French, respectively.

However, while they are both, as the name says, coffee with milk, the manner of their preparation as well as the resulting taste, differ greatly. Soon, you will find out exactly how and why.

White Bean – The Unfairly Overlooked Bean + Vegan Recipes

Beans are a nutritional powerhouse and play a very important role in the traditional diets of many civilizations worldwide. Also, vegans find that they can get a lot of benefits from eating these legumes, especially when talking about protein and mineral requirements. Of course, the bean family is very big, and today we will solely focus on the facts and advantages of white beans, also known as navy beans.

These legumes, like many others of their kind, are native to Central and South America and have migrated westwards during the European colonization of those parts of the world. These days they are a staple of many, and beloved by cultures and cuisines all over the globe. In this article, we are going to elaborate on why you should include more of this food in your diet (vegan or not), as well as give you some cool white bean vegan recipes.

The Best Vegan Bread Pudding Recipes To Treat Yourself During Holidays

Winter holidays are at our doorstep, and we need to welcome them appropriately. There are many traditions connected to this period of the year, and eating the bread pudding is one of them. Whether it be for Thanksgiving day or Christmas, you have to make this delicious treat at least once during the holiday season.

Being vegan does not deliberate you from this important task, and your family and friends are sure to hold it against you too! Do not worry though, as we are always at your side! So, do continue reading and you will find numerous vegan bread pudding recipes which are sure to wow your guests and leave them asking for more!

Be A Green, Mean Working Machine: The Best Vegan Lunches For Work

There is a lot of people who are not vegan asking the strangest questions about a vegan lifestyle. One of those questions, though, puzzles even the ones that have dedicated themselves to a vegan diet, especially “the beginners”. That question is “How will I find a proper vegan meal during my working hours?”

Indeed, only a few of us can boast of a working place which is close to a restaurant that serves vegan food to go or have an office right next to a farmer’s market. In short, vegans usually do not have it easy when it comes to eating nutritious, high-quality food at their work. Of course, you can bring an apple or a banana, some vegan protein shake or other snack, but if you work long hours that will simply not be enough.

For this reason, we have set on a mission to discover the best vegan lunches for work, and we will share the quest and its results with you.

Pinto Bean Facts And Delicious Vegan Recipes

Being vegan is a commonplace these days with more and more people hopping on the “no-meat wagon” with each passing moment. Since many folks express health concerns about this kind of diet, one of the frequently asked questions to vegans is “Where do you get your protein?” Of course, such a question is justified, and the good news is that there are many plant sources of protein, with beans being one of the best.

Today we will focus on pinto beans, their history, benefits and finally some amazing vegan recipes that include these pink-brownish legumes.

How To Make 3 Of The Best Vegetarian Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten-free diets are all the rage at the moment, and it is not just a fad – there are legitimate medical reasons to try it, and it has improved the lives of a lot of people, some of which never knew they even had a problem. It has been quite a revolution, and a lot of people are trying it out now, hoping to improve their quality of life.

Most people who go on gluten-free diets start eating a lot of meat, eggs, and cheese to replace all the foods they stopped eating. However, vegetarians and vegans don’t have that option and going on a gluten-free diet without meat might seem like a tough thing to do.

There are ways to do it, though, and plenty of recipes that you can use to get through it. Today, we will list some important info about gluten-free diets, how they impact vegetarians and go through a few of the best vegetarian, gluten-free recipes we could find. So, let’s get started!

How To Make Potato Salad Without Mayo – 5 Delicious And Easy Recipes

Having a potato salad on the dinner table is quite a usual thing. It’s a great side dish because it can fit well with almost anything and you can serve it at a party, a barbecue, a family celebration – whatever you may think of. It’s easy to whip up in a flash, and anyone can make it so it is a great extra to throw onto the dinner table and most people will like it.

There are a lot of different recipes for potato salad, but the cornerstone ingredient in most of them is mayonnaise – lots and lots of mayonnaise. Without it, is it even real potato salad? Some people would say that it isn’t.

Still, there are people who simply can’t stomach mayo, whether because of health concerns or various other reasons. In that case, what can you do? You can’t make a potato salad without mayo – or can you?

Well, yes you can, and it can be almost the same as it is with mayo. Don’t believe us? Well, here are some science & recipes that will prove our point.

How To Cook White Sweet Potatoes – 3 Tasty And Easy Recipes

There’s a lot you can do with a bit of potato. It’s quite a versatile food, and you can use it as a cornerstone of many different dishes. It’s inexpensive, and it is available at all times of the year, so you will always be able to get some at your local grocery store.

There are also a lot of different kinds of potatoes, allowing for plenty of great variations on standard potato dishes that you can try. It’s easy to modify them and preparing different kinds of potatoes is mostly the same in the end.

The white sweet potato is an often overlooked type of potato that can improve some common potato dishes massively, and today we will cover some of the great recipes you can make with it.