Author: Donald

All You Need To Know About Mediterranean Flatbreads + Recipes

When one mentions Mediterranean foods, what are the first things that come to your mind? I know, it’s probably something like pizza, olive oil, fish, and a plethora of seafood. These thoughts appear rightfully so since the previously mentioned foods are delicious and worthy mentions of this region’s cuisine. But, today we would like to talk about one unfairly overlooked and amazing food item – the flatbread.

Everything You Need To Know About Vegetarian Meals For Kids

It doesn’t matter whether you want to raise your kids as vegetarians or you just want to teach your kids to eat something other than meat, a diet based on fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts can form the foundations for a lifetime of health. There are numerous long-term advantages of plant-based diet parents should consider, including low cholesterol levels, decreased risk of hypertension and obesity, and protection against cancer and heart disease.

Contrary to the popular concerns that vegetarian diet cannot meet the nutritional needs of children, a vegetarian diet can be perfectly safe and beneficial if it is appropriately planned. If you are considering a vegetarian diet for your kids, read this article to find out how to plan their meals and get some great recipes.