We’re Now Using Aquae A.M.O.R.E. Alkaline Water

Have you ever heard of a water brewery?  Either had we.  Turns out there is one on W 18th st. in Costa Mesa thats been doing something extraordinary with water.

The Water Brewery's Water dispenser

The Brewery is committed to rejuvenating water and bringing it back to the state in wich nature intended.  They do this by reverse osmosis, oxygenation, restructuring and re-energizing it (don’t ask me how, check them out at www.thewaterbrewery.com for details).  They also have alkalized and mineralized varieties.  And as if that isn’t enough, the water is charged with sound vibrations at 528 Hz- the LOVE frequency!

This is what water looks like when its tuned to 528Hz.  Pretty, huh?

So naturally, once we heard about this amazing elixir we were intrigued and had to have it but figured it would be super expensive. Wrong! It’s only $1/gallon! I’m happy to say that the Seabirds Truck is now using Aquae A.M.O.R.E water for cooking and preparing our tasty recipes.  Come by for a taste test see if it makes you glow!

man v. taco

There was a local man v. food challenge at irvine’s OC Printing today.  Christian was the daring soul who took on the challenge from a coworker to eat a dozen seabirds tacos in 12 minutes! Wow!

We happily served him six beer battered avocado tacos and six jackfruit tacos as his office watched and cheered him on….

Sweaty and a drunk off beer batter, christian took down the 12th taco with only a few seconds to spare… But dont think our street tacos didn’t put up a fight!  Check out this pic, post feast.  (note how his eyes are half closed and his tie is crooked).

Today man took on the seabirds taco, and today man wins!