Check us out on Season 2 of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network!

The rumors are true! The Seabirds Truck with team Nicole, Stephanie & Raya (pictured above left to right) were contestants on Season 2 of The Great Food Truck Race. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the outcome (thats a HUGE fine) but we can tell you that it was awesome, stressful, hard as hell, crazy and exciting.


Once the show airs we will be able to talk more about it, so for now, sit tight and be sure to watch the premier on Aug 14th &  check out our promo clip. Personally, I think it’s hilarious that they chose our closing line in our clip to be half of a sentence, “We’re vegan and we can’t eat everything-.” (get out!) … Hmmm, next T-shirt slogan?


The Great Food Truck Race airs Sunday nights at 9pm ET on the Food Network! No cable? Watch on

<— That was our follow car. I think our car looked the best, but then again I might be biased.

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