Now serving….CUPCAKES!

I’m normally not a big cake fan.  It’s the frosting I dont care for. So with cupcakes I normally ditch the frosting and just eat the cake.  But now I can say that have been converted by Luscious Organic Desserts.

I was lucky enough to try their strawberry, pumpkin, chocolate, and gluten free chocolate cupcakes and they were AMAZING!  I especially liked the strawberry, it was super moist and the frosting was made with real strawberries. This company is no joke.  Everything they make is vegan and they only use the best natural and organic ingredients around. And their treats are free of hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, and bleached flours.  Whats not to love!?

Here’s a pic of their Oreo cupcake.

We will now be serving Luscious cupcakes starting July 14th!”Treat yourself sweet, enjoy something Luscious today!”