What is Jackfruit?

Not sure how many times I have answered this question. Our Jerk Jackfruit taco is definitely one of our more unique menu items. Quite simply, jackfruit is a very large asian fruit. Its a funny looking thing, huge, prickly and green and grows from a tree’s trunk instead of its branches because it’s so heavy. Quite honestly, I have never tried a ripe jackfruit, so I couldn’t tell you what that tastes like. But we use green jackfruit (not fully ripened) and it is almost tasteless, which makes it a blank canvas to create our own flavor.

Jackfruit- The largest tree fruit

The inside flesh of the jackfruit closely resembles a pineapple in structure, only it’s a light pink color with large seeds, and it’s pretty hard too. So we chop it all up and grill the heck out of it. Then we add a jerk rub and orange zest and some other secret ingredients. Most people say it closely resembling carnitas, and many people think they’re eating meat – which actually freaks out some vegetarians. But it’s a fruit, promise!

green jackfruit

So we serve the jackfruit in two corn tortillas with our truck-made salsa verde, chopped onion and cilantro. Its quite the nice burst of flavor in a little street taco. Oh, and we also have Potato-Jackfruit Taquitos. These are super good! Taquitos were definitely something I missed after turning veg so I went a little crazy on these for awhile and had to cut myself off. Now I indulge in one or two a week, topped with guacamole, lettuce, and green salsa…. yummm.

Our Jerk Jackfruit taco

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